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Set in Sierra Maestra, where Fidel Castro's revolution began, this musical documentary pivots on a young doctor, "El Medico," attempting to fulfill his dream of becoming a "Cubaton"a Cuban Reggaeton. Singer/songwriter El Medico is completing his public service when he meets music video producer Michel. Their first song is an instant hit, but in order to reach a worldwide audience, a sexier song is needed. The film's strengths are not just in its delightful dances but also in how it guides us to reflect upon the principles of the Cuban Revolution in a nation flooded with waves of capitalism. The problem is a pointed one and manifested by the main character's option to film a showy music video in Revolution Square. As an avid Castro supporter, El Medico"s mother reminds him of his debt to the revolution, his compatriots, and Cuba"s world-renowned medical system, rendering El Medico's performance of the traditionally influenced Cubaton all the more compelling. /Busan IFF/


Two men struggle in Cuba. El Medico, a young Cuban doctor and musician, is trying to get a better life for his family. Michel, a European music producer, wants fame and fortune. It is a fight between two minds; One sees the music as an authentic expression of Cuban culture and history, the other sees it as a commercial product to be sold by any means necessary. Caught in this clash of views is also Coquita, the young dancer whose dreams are ruined because Michel thinks she is not sexy enough, and El Medico’s Mother who thinks her son is betraying the revolutionary ideals that she suffered for.
El Medico realizes that being Michel’s product is not his dream, but he has to decide between doing his duty to the State, as a doctor fulfilling his mothers dream, or being an artist.

The Film

There are few countries that have created such enormous reactions and interest as Cuba. Today the focus on Cuba is stronger than ever, due to Fidel Castro’s faltering health, the political situation, and many people’s concern over what will happen to the Cubans if the country is opened up to multi-national companies.
EL MEDICO - The Cubaton Story is a creative documentary with a gripping story about a person who fights to get the best for his family, while staying true to his roots and his country.
The film contains top class music for all ages and it has a strong drama. The documentary Buena Vista Social Club brought traditional Cuban music successfully to the world stage. EL MEDICO - The Cubaton Story will attract the same audience, but this film also appeals to the younger audience of modern hip hop and reggaeton. The music of El Medico and other artists that we meet and hear in the film, is on top ten charts in Japan, Canada, France, Spain, Germany, Scandinavia, and many other territories.
Shot on 35mm, 8mm, XDCam, and HDVCam, the film shows the happiness, pride and tragedy of Cuba in a visually compelling style. The director’s intimate relationship with the people in the film allows us to see a different side of contemporary Cuban life. And the blend of old and modern music points to the future for Cuba and popular music. The high production value, the engaging story, the soundtrack, and the subject matter in itself, is destined for successful world-wide distribution theatrically, on TV and DVD.

In Production 2006-2012.

The project had it's first and successfully presentation at Nordiskt Forum in Oulu Finland 24-25 September 2007. - "Production value for sure!"

Presented at CPH:DOX in Copenhagen  -"You got a winner!"

IDFA (Amsterdam)  - "This is an extra ordinary film!"


A rought cut version (104 minutes) of the Film opened DocPoint Tallin 27th of January.  - "Buena Vistas younger brother, in Wim Wenders footstep, but in stead of the nostalgy, we enter a young, vibrant and musical journey". /Immo Mikkala.

Successful sold out screenings of the same version at Gothenburg International Film Festival 2nd - 6th of February. In competition for the Dragon Award.

International Festival Tour of the final cut (85 min) started at BUSAN INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, KOREA October

In competition for Nordic Dox Award at CPH:DOX 3rd to 11th of November

Four screenings at MAR DEL PLATA IFF, Argentina. 5th to 13th of November

Selected for participation in Docs for Sales at IDFA, November (Restricted online screenings)

SCANORAMA Lithuania November

BLACK NIGHTS TALLIN, in competition. November


US Premiere at Santa Barbara IFF 27th of January. In competition in the Spanish/Latin section and also cross-listed in the "Cinesonic sidebar" which will feature films about musicians etc. - Please see review below.

EPOS Film Art Festival, Tel Aviv. February.

DORF Documentary Rock Film Festival, Croatia. In competition. March.

ONE WORLD Intl Human Rights Documentary FF, March 6 - 15. In section Panorama.

SXSW Austin Texas, the worlds finest combined music & film festival. Start screening 10th of March in section Global.

UK premiere 30th of May at LIDF, London

Opening in Russian cinemas 27th of July 2012

 NYILFF screening August 15, New York

 Interview with El Medico!

WINNER Best Documentary at NYILFF!

 DVD release in Sweden 3rd of July 2013!

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